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At 22, I’ve endured things that few people can really understand.

As an infant, I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This disorder leads to the progressive weakness and atrophy of muscles used in voluntary activities and a physical disability where I've been using a wheelchair all of my life.

As you can imagine, my struggles in life are more or less connected to my disability and the life struggles and emotional wounds that come from such a weakening condition. So, when a few weeks ago it was suggested in a group of friends that we draw comics to express our frustrations, it happened that all my drawings talked about that.

I have never been able to accept my disability, and I feel a constant pain in my heart, a dark chaotic mess of emotions that I don't know how to deal with. Drawing comics gave me an unexpected outlet, and being so clearly understood by others just by exposing these images felt too important for me to not to want to take it further.

Having received so much encouragement, I decided to create a place to display my artwork and share it with others who might relate to it, to tell the stories that are often untold.

There is an inner world in each of us that longs to be released and Cassie Q is an extension of that world and of my life. I hope you join me on this journey.

#comics #disability

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