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Cassie Q

Date Night, Aka I Should Have Just Watched TV

So this drawing was in line to be posted last week but I didn't because it felt weird to be posting about my sex life, but then I concluded this is not a sex life, it's a Woody Allen rant. That's what it is, essentially. Being a woman is a Woody Allen rant more often than not, for me. When I drew this a few months back I had decided I would never ignore my rant modes again, so I drew it to celebrate that discovery. I had ignored all the red flags I saw, rationalizing that food or movie taste was just one little thing. It's not just one little thing though, it's all part of a bigger picture, it's about how you relate to the world. And in this case, it was about seeing the world as something that is there for your taking, for your pleasure, with no concern for the sacrifices that should be involved. I feel like in general, women have a much clearer understandment of sacrifices and sacredness, and I decided it's okay to access the power in that and go against the banalities and the silliness of our generation. Or maybe the point here is just that it's time to go gay, one of those.

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