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Cassie Q

People Demand An Explanation, And It's Better Be Paralysis

This is a story of how complete strangers manage to kill my mojo.

I'm often described as naive by my more cynical friends. I think the world is just one big playground filled with beautiful human beings capable of amazing acts of love. And then a person walks to me, needing to know what I have. "Is it paralysis? It looks like paralysis". "No it is not paralysis". Keep walking, next chapter.

Some people, if not most, take that extra step on rudeness and ask my mom what I have, as if I'm assumed to be unable to reply myself. And one thing I noticed is that if I'm with a friend or something, we don't get asked, but if I'm deduced to be with my mom, people just think it's a great idea to show her just how puzzled they are by the existence of her offspring. There's a whole power structure in place that always makes me feel powerless to do anything but to comply, and that's probably the worst part for me, because I wish I could say "hey that's rude", and I think my mom wishes she could too.

This doesn't happen all the time, and that's probably what keeps me going out unconcerned, giving this scene a looping quality. It's rather unpredictable, really, ranging from children to elderly, and has equal chance of coming from a janitor, a college professor, priest, business woman. There is no discrimination of any sort.

And I do understand that these people are really socially inapt and probably get into all sorts of trouble because of it, and I wish I could not care that they're only interested in satiating their curiosity and not in the actual me, but when it happens I'm just really fucking pissed.

#disability #wheelchair #sociallife

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