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Cassie Q

My Not So Patient Waiting

So, about romance and disabilities. Well meaning friends will always tell me it can totally happen, look how many disabled people we see being happily married and whatnot, and I see that, but I honestly don't see any signs of it happening for me, despite my relentless search everywhere - and I mean EVERYWHERE - I go, to the point where it's as ridiculous as this very empirical comic that I drew back when I was still straight. I'm sort of waiting for it to fall off the sky: literally or metaphorically, I don't care. Maybe the issue is that I'm too passive in my hopeful waiting for a rescue? I have no idea how disabled girls can take a more active role when there's so much stigma around. Maybe me thinking I'm probably too much to deal with manifests some kind of bad karma? I'm all out of answers on this one, all I know is that waiting sucks.

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