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Cassie Q

The Stephen Hawking Perturbation

So, sometimes when I'm talking to people about whatever, I notice Stephen Hawking's name being dropped without any rhyme or reason other than the fact we both own physically unusual bodies and a wheelchair.

I'd like to make clear to the anonymous reader that, first of all, don't do that, it's uncomfortable to the unsuspecting wheelchairler to realize all you see is the wheelchair, and I'm pretty sure it's offensive to Stephen as well. Secondly, I feel no connection to Stephen Hawking whatsoever and I have no idea if he even describes himself as disabled or not. And no, we're not all automatically disabled for having a non normative body. Actually, from where I'm standing, it looks like Stephen Hawking is pretty okay with being turned into an inspirational tear-jerking story for the lucky ones, even allowing to be played by an abled actor when there are lots of atrophied actors available. Boo Stephen (but great job on the Physics stuff).

You have been warned.

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