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Cassie Q

Medieval Thoughts

If one takes a quick overview of how disabilities have been perceived historically, one should see a slow progression from one point of seeing it as a mistake that needs to be fixed - either by God or science - to one where the disability is just another expression of human diversity.

And although I do a pretty good job of communicating the second view and demanding that my authorities do the same, most of the time I feel like the Middle Age people were not that far off by explaining it as a curse. Maybe it didn't have to be such a tragedy and maybe I didn't need to feel so unwanted, but it is and I do, and fighting this battle gets very tiring when day by day, I see how ridiculously easy it is for other people to belong to a somewhere and a someone, even if just for a little while, even if they don't know how easy that was.

A demonic body makes for demonic thoughts. I guess Middle Age got that right too.

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