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My Shadow And I

I'm not an spiritual person in any area of my life, with the only exception being the art process. For me it's very much a mystical experience, where I don't feel like the ideas come from me alone, but from somewhere else, some place that spontaneously offers me details that reveal things about me that I didn't completely know yet. But even if a big part of this process comes down to trust, there's also a part of the arrangement that is mine to hold, and that's the commitment. I like to say that art isn't about skill, isn't about talent, it's about a commitment, that in my case is the commitment to being open to the experiences I have, even the awful ones, and having that blunt honesty be a priority that comes above opinions and above other people's feelings, above even my own feelings, as sometimes I have to realize that I suck, and that everyone kinda sucks and maybe there's beauty in that.

So my hope is that I can continue to hold this commitment this year, and for many others to come.

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