Cassie Q

Oppression Can Be Pink Too

This drawing is one of my favorite works so far, and I think the point of posting it is more about sharing something others might relate to rather than an explanation or lecture or anything like that.

It was inspired by a making out... (Session? Thingy? Situation? Let's go with situation) I had with a boy who casually implied he was doing all the work, and it made me think a lot about how much I need to be maneuvered, not just in sexual experiences but in my every day life, be it by a caretaker or a friend or even relatives, and how that can color my world in infantilizing shades in the eyes of others. When people see me they intuit that pinkness and without even realizing they're doing it, they will think of me as a non aging, placid, asexual doll.

And I think that by making those patterns conscious, we can finally start challenging them and reclaim our place in the world of the living. The yelling, sweating, willful living, who happen to need some help getting stuff done.

#disability #bodydynamics #sex

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