Cassie Q

Disabilities And The Chastity Belt

If you're a person with a visible disability then you're no stranger to the general assumption that you don't have sex, not now and not ever, and that consequently, you have no clue what the grown ups are even talking about at any grown up party you happened to get stuck in.

This was difficult to post because, among other reasons, I no longer relate to this Cassie, and probably should have posted this many moons ago. Truth is, at the time of this drawing, sex wasn't available to me, and I felt completely locked in that situation, like I'm sure other young people with disabilities feel, but what I discovered is that people around me put me in that lock, and people around me placed the expectation of being like everyone else on me.

And what do you know, getting rid of other people's bullshit (and of the people themselves sometimes) makes you see things a whole new way.

#sex #disability

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