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Cassie Q

Purgatory: With Heaven Around The Corner

With heaven around the corner, my stay on purgatory found new fears to dwell on. I think a major anxiety I feel around dating, and other people with disabilities probably can relate to it at some point in their lives, is the fear of disappointment about the fact that there's a lot I can't do, like dancing together or you know, bungee jumping. Some things I really don't mind not doing, but some items on that list are fun things I'd wanna do with someone I was into, if I was the abled bodied one. And when you meet someone that insanely amazing you can't help but wish they find someone who makes them as happy as they deserve, someone full of life, instead of settling for a girl full of death. That thought would swim in my head in silence, knowing that it was far too early for it to come out, far too scary and far too cowardly.

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