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Cassie Q

Time For Boxing

The other day I went out to have dinner with my parents like I haven't done in a long time. We get to the restaurant and the tables that were wheelchair friendly (although they were more likely not designed with wheelchair users in mind), were located in a place that was not wheelchair friendly. I told my dad "oh we can just ask them to bring a good table out here", and so my dad asked the waitress if she could do that for us, to which she replied "no... I don't think so", leaving us to make it work somehow. I was so pissed, and my dad took the role of trying to get me into a more easygoing mindset so I didn't ruin our dinner.

That's when I realized that the people around me, they don't leave their house ready for a fight like I do. Even in my small everyday life, I am constantly prepared to make a big mess, to call people and their services out and demand that my needs are accommodated regardless of people wanting to accommodate them or not, because reality is, they never do. In a regular conversation I am ready to correct my friends and family on possible oppressive views, and even if I don't get into a fight on a setting where it's just about individual opinions, I can still hold my ground and firmly communicate how that idea is troubling for an entire community in which I'm a part of.

I must say I am curious to find out what are the related experiences and thoughts of other people in here, so if you want to share anything that would be appreciated.

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