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Cassie Q

Weird Mermaids

Following the cue of last week's post, this is my personal version of its counterpart: the liberation of old misconceptions of how people are supposed to look. I've had abled people ask me on a couple occasions, why some people don't seem to accept their disabilities, and even had people close to me asking why I didn't accept my own disability in the past. My answer is we deserve patience, A LOT of patience, because processing the grief for what could have been, finding our possibilities and finally creating a sense of pride – often from scratch – takes a lot of time and it can be quite a lonely road to face. I'm not even sure a change of mindset is possible unless there is *some* kind of catalyst, either the contact with the online community or with people who are accepting and open minded in general, just anything that helps pulling one out of their shell.

When I felt like I had found a new freedom, it gave me a lot of joy to draw something in honor of it, of the hardness that I still carry but now transformed and unlocked.

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