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I think I drew this last year, when I was trying to see if I could get artistic about the experience of pain. If I remember correctly, I was in a lot of pain that day (so excuse the ocasional composition flaws), and keeping myself busy and inspired tends to distract me from the feeling of imaginary thorns constantly piercing into my skin. This is a typical day of college for me, so it's a good thing I really like watching class. I think this right here is why I want to actually kill other students who complain about going to class, just because it costs me so much to be there everyday and yet there I am, trying to honor my love for science and for the community who'll futurely rely on me. Also why I want to murder professors when they make me lose my time, which is very frequently lately. Yeah, clueless overprivilege is so unattractive, isn't it?

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: 1 panel, horizontally positioned. Cassie is fully turned to the right side of the page, closer to the left-top corner. She's wearing a ponytail, a short blue jumpsuit and canvas tenis, and is writing on a surface. She's sitting on top of thorns, and dark red drops fall from it to the bottom of the page, getting longer as it falls. The beginning of a speech bubble comes from her pen in front of her, containing a long note on typical Psychology subjects. The words look faded until disappearing.]

#disability #college

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