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Cassie Q

Hipster Favors

Just a typical day in University, where a nice young man offers me help in getting out of the classroom, since I'm not rich enough to afford a motor. He then decides it's okay to criticize the metalic extension of my own body, because of course he has no clue of the kind of effort it takes to maintain a wheelchair as well as adapting it when new pains and new needs arrive, combining the work of occupational therapists, metalsmiths and others. Of course he has no clue, he's just an overprivileged moron, freshly out of puberty, whose biggest concern is finding hipster outfits. But I can't say that, because that's the thing about power dynamics... you shut the fuck up. I shut the fuck up, because I could need him again before graduation, and no one likes ungrateful women.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: 2 panels, side by side, with Cassie in her profile looking ahead smiling while a boy, also smiling, pushes her wheelchair behind her. Cassie has a half ponytail with bangs, a summer dress and sandals; he has a newsboy cap, t-shirt, skinny jeans and canvas shoes. On the first panel, an arrow comes from him saying "Comments on how heavy the wheelchair is". On the second panel, an arrow comes from Cassie saying "Thinks he should buy her a new one or else shut the fuck up"].

#disability #wheelchair #sociallife

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