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Cassie Q

It's A Love Story, Baby

This is a difficult subject to talk about, so I'll just rip it like a band aid. In my experience, people tend to feel uncomfortable talking about love and sex in the context of disability. I for one feel like there's a knife cutting through my throat. This subject is so taboo that people aren't even aware of it being taboo.

I remember being a kid and already being deeply concerned about the implications of my disability in my sexual life. I have thought of sex as an expression of emotional intimacy for as long as I can remember thinking of it, and have longed for deep connections since pretty much forever. Did Disney mess with my brain as a child? Possibly. Probably. But the point is, it's a big part of my secret thoughts. I don't think for one minute that love could ever happen for me, and I honestly feel ridiculous saying I want it, but there you have it.

And even though I already know how this goes, I can't stop my own dumb hopes of someone taking my hand and leading me out of this loveless life, even if just for a little bit.

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