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Cassie Q

The Complicated Life Of A Bug

Everyone has their little web of aggravators, things that stops them from moving forward and forces a detour. Sometimes with disabilities, this web gets so detailed and so layered that it might seem impossible to move. I fear that one day it will be impossible to move.

So many times I jumped to decisions because I just didn’t have the space to explore myself. So many times I didn’t hang out after class because I had no idea how to fix the need to pee and it just seemed easier to go home. I write this because we never know what kind of ridiculous issues are holding people back. Money must be the most common web that gets people stuck, but most people don’t quite know what it means to pay someone to be their legs and arms, knowing that allowing your family to do it would make space for a messed up family dynamic that you would never get out of again.

Sometimes patience and creativity can rip certain issues apart, but I’ve always had to deal with hundreds of traps, and that is something established in my life that is fine as long as I can still find a way to live my complicated life.

#depression #family

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