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Cassie Q

Check Mate

This little drawing is part of a series that I drew recently based on some of the experiences I had with caretakers during the last couple years, which was when I first started to hire help. I was feeling troubled by the fact I hadn't yet drawn about any of the caretakers I've had, even though in a lot of ways my life kinda revolves around them, so I challenged myself to do this initial effort and see if I could draw more about this messy messy business. I won't be posting them in sequence, and I won't be talking too much about each specific caretaker or explaining the drawings too much

Some experiences were scary, some were frustrating and some were even happy, and this one right here was a particularly stressful one, that was as confusing as this drawing is for the outside viewer. This was my very first payed caretaker, that came into my home back when my mom first got sick and became hospitalized. Did you ever feel overwhelmed by being turned into a pawn in your own house?

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