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Cassie Q

A Primariness In Color

And sometimes it can feel a little surreal to use all the money you have supporting a woman child. If you add the "because otherwise you could die", it makes a lot more logical sense but man... it's still odd. You'd have to see it to get it.

[ IMAGE DESCRIPTION: 1 horizontal panel, titled "Caretaker #3". At the right side of the page, a woman is sitting on the floor, wearing a short dress, flats and a blue bow with white dots on her hair. She's turned back, and is playing with a doll house. From her comes a speech bubble, containing stars, hearts, a rainbow and a balloon, all colored in bright colors. At the left side there is a couch where Cassie is sitting on, wearing a button down shirt with long sleeves, pants and boots, with her hair locked behind. She has a skeptical expression, and a thought bubble that says "Why am I the one paying again?"]

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