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So I have been in an unusually long absence from the page, which can be explained by the fact I am training a new caretaker and that is completely exhausting. So exhausting I can't even word this sentence in a way that sounds cleverer (is that a word? No, seriously, I'm Brazilian). That reminded me of how freakishly clueless people seem to be when it comes to the reality of paying someone to keep you alive, so I thought I'd return with something on the subject.

This is my portrait of one employee who, like many other people I hired, has worked since really young and lived a hard life, but somehow is more self centered than I even knew it to be possible. She left after 3 months because she wanted to be a queen or a model, I don't know, one of those, and I hope it works out for her because as I drew it I found myself wondering if the red carpet was secretly a trail of blood, as it often is outside of Hollywood.

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