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"If You Don't Think You Shouldn't Talk!"

I'd like to introduce you all to Cassie's sister, the lovely Alice. Alice was of course inspired on my own sister (I'm really not creative. Or mysterious), who I think perceives herself as this cute little girl lost in the middle of crazy people with crazy demands. Now, I think it's important to clarify that although the character is inspired in one specific person, Alice represents the largest part of the society as I see it as well as most of my family's interactions with me.

I didn't always feel so distant from Alice. I wasn't always so opposed to this weird mix of disablism, sexism and elitism, but I eventually realized that every time you make someone sad, the world is a little bit sadder and who wants to live in a sadder world? And yes I do realize I sound like an elementary school teacher. But I don't care, because I feel that as a disabled woman I get a huge piece of the disablism/sexism/elitism cake and it's NOT cool. As a person, you are expected to look a certain way, and disabled is not it. As a woman, you are expected to fulfill impossible ideals of femininity, and sitting on top of huge wheels is not it. As a young adult, you are expected to be profitable, and I'm not saying disabled people can't make money but yeah it can be challenging.

So don't envy how disabled people sometimes are "excused" from work or from the oh so irrevocable duty of wearing heels unless you are willing to think a little further and see the whole picture. And then you won't feel any envy because that's kinda deplorable.

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